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Why am I running?

I worked three jobs to support my family when I started my career more than 40 years ago.

So, I know the meaning of hard work.

Through the past four decades I've been a teacher, a mechanical engineer, and an entrepreneur. I learned how to solve tough problems and how to lead people from different backgrounds and with different opinions to complete successful projects.

Now, I would like to give back to beautiful California, which has great weather, and gave me the opportunity to live, work, and play!

I  want to use my knowledge, wisdom, and experience to help ensure that every Californian has access to affordable healthcare, a good education, a decent job, and a great quality of life.

On the Issues

 My goals are as follows:

  • Affordable healthcare for all
  • Free education up to community college
  • Job creation through innovation and technology
  • Fewer regulations on small businesses
  • Lower taxes, especially for lower- and middle-income families
  • A bright future for Californians and all Americans

Let's forge new paths and dreams together!

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June 7, 2022
Committee to Elect Arun Bhumitra
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